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I graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 1976 and went on to practice in Central London, Kent, Buckinghamshire and Cambridge during the following 10 years.

Since then I have worked at Complementary Health Centre in lee as an osteopath and also teaching Pilates/Remedial classes in our studio.

My passion for exercise and prevention of injury has helped patients and non-patients to improve posture, strength and flexibility and to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

An interest in dance led to me working at The Urdang ballet School in Covent garden (1986-1988) and Laban school of dance (2011-2013) where I was assessing young dancers and where I developed a love of foot mechanics and the importance to general posture.

I also work within the NHS as part of The Lewisham Voice Clinic-a small team of surgeons and speech therapists. Osteopathic treatment to the neck and larynx can help with vocal dysfunction. I see patients privately at CHC, often singers/actors/people with heavy vocal use or following surgery to the larynx.

Patients come for treatment with a wide variety of Musculo/Skeletal complaints.

Acute and chronic joint injuries and soft tissue sprains. Degenerative and acute disc problems and following joint surgery for rehabilitation and exercise therapy.

I have lived in Blackheath for 30 years and have established strong links in the community and with local GP practices.



Osteopathy is a unique system of diagnosis and treatment that focuses on the structural integrity of the whole body. When the body is correctly aligned, the systems within work more efficiently with the minimum of wear, stress and use of energy, which may reduce pain and disability, and help to bring about a sense of well-being.

A subtle form of touch known as palpation is used to detect muscular strain, tissue congestion, and to assess quality of movement in the spine and other joints. Various manual techniques are employed which may relieve pain and stiffness, relax tense muscles and help to stimulate the circulation, the lymphatics and the nervous system. These include spinal manipulation, stretching and moving joints through their range of motion, and gentle pressures and stretches of soft tissues.

Voice problems

Singers, Actors, Teachers or heavy Voice users.

Are you having problems with Huskiness or loss of voice. Pitch breaks or tightness in the throat or swallowing difficulties?

Nikki Moss specialises in the treatment of vocal conditions both at Complementary Health Centre and at Lewisham Hospital where she is part of an unique multi-disciplinary Voice team.

We address postural and mechanical issues that might be influencing the larynx and surrounding soft tissues and can advise and refer patients if further investigation ie. Laryngoscopy is needed.

Pilates based body conditioning

My classes incorporate Pilates, gentle Yoga stretches and resistance work using bands,light weights and foam rollers.

Building strength, flexibility and body awareness to correct and improve posture and prevent further injury.

Breathing technique is very important to aid general health and the practice of relaxation.

Suitable for all ages and exercises can be adjusted to suit different abilities.


Nikki was recommended to me by an ENT consultant when I was having some vocal issues as the result of an emotional trauma combined with overwork. Nikki treated me with general osteopathy and specific stretching to my laryngeal muscles and suggested some vocal exercises : following four treatments my laryngeal dysphonia had cleared up and my voice was back to normal.As a professional singer this was a very stressful time, but Nikki was utterly reassuring and sensitive. I felt in very safe hands.

I've been seeing Nikki for help with various different injuries for 20 years now and she's helped me hugely. I originally saw Nikki for a long-term back problem which she helped solve permanently and that was life-changing for me. Nikki is highly skilled, professional and sympathetic - I can't recommend her highly enough.

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